• Planning
  • Timing
  • Lighting
  • Turn off the flash
  • Take aerial view shots
  • Be apt
  • Focus
  • Take several pictures
  • Take pictures in 5’D’s (5 angles)
  • Use a plain background,preferably white

(1) Planning: You have to plan;prepare in advance,for example you know you would take pictures of your breakfast,you have to wake up early,prepare your meal before the sun rises.

You have to monitor the sun lol,you need to hurry up,prepare everything you need before the sun rises.

(2) Timing: This is a bit related to our first point but somewhat different,timing here could be in the evening or towards evening when it is getting to dusk,look up at the clouds it usually looks like the angels are writing up on the sky ,it is a bit misty;pictures taken at that time might not turn out very bright,and that is not what you want,you want very bright pictures.

So timing is very important,so morning pictures are best taken around 7:00am to 7:25 am (Nigerian time) before the sun fully rises,for evening pictures they are preferably taken around 5:00pm to 6:00pm(Nigerian time) before the sun sets.

(3) Lighting: This is very crucial for your picture’s output,you must ensure you have adequate lighting,outdoor pictures are usually very nice and bright,they are in fact superb,the results are fantastic,so it is a lot better to take pictures outdoor instead of indoors especially for products.

If you must take pictures of your products indoor,ensure the place is fully lit ;fluorescent lights help in this regard instead of using the regular bulbs.

(4) Turn off the flash:Most times when pictures are taken with the flash on there is usually a reflection it leaves, so to resolve that issue,simply turn off the flash.

(5)Take aerial view shots: This helps to give you a complete view of a product,some eateries use this style,that is why the meal you see on a flyer looks so much but becomes small when you are served lol.

(6) Be apt: Be sure you have a clear capture before you tap the shutter icon,if not the picture might be blurred.

(7) Focus: Focus on that particular image you want to capture,be precise,except you deliberately want other things to reflect in your picture,for instance some times whilst taking my food pictures i deliberately show some greens,it is absolutely intentional lol.

(8) Take several pictures : This is actually tasking but absolutely necessary ,you need to take many shots,so you can have a wide array of choice,this helps you  choose the ones that best fits your purpose.

(9) Take pictures in 5’D’s :This is to help you get different angles of your product(s)you take from the left right,front,back and aerial views.

(10) Use a plain background : Use a plain back ground for your pictures preferably white,this helps in putting up a beautiful and calm touch to the eyes,helps one to properly focus on the intended image without any form of distraction,which is the ultimate goal.

Having a camera is fantastic but what do you do when you do not have one?This article aims to show you how to improvise ,these are the steps that have helped me with taking pictures using my phone,i hope it also helps anyone that needs help!