For some people infusing vegetables into their meals,is like a herculean task ,for some it is a chore whilst for some it is a walk in the park,which ever category you fall into,there is something here for you

Here are the 5 easy ways as listed below

(1)Prepare your mind

(2)Be determined

(3)Be conscious

(4)Be determined

(5)Remember the benefits


In my opinion the mind is the power house of a person,that means if one decides to do something from the mind,90% of the time,it is achievable or achieved by the person,i will tell you my personal story,i had a colleague that used to chew fresh aloe vera like carrots,it was very surprising and strange to me cause i hate bitter things,i love sweet things.

Here i was to my wildest amazement someone was chewing aloe vera with so much relish,he chewed it like he was snacking on carrots,i was in deep shock to say the least.

I told myself i must do it lol,i made up my mind to do it!Mind you i had not taken any bitter thing like that before in my entire life but i was bent on doing it because i saw someone doing it with so much ease and relish.

I set out one day,cut a fresh one from the plant,rinsed it and started chewing,ou la la the expression on my face was inexplicable,it was extremely bitter,i wanted to spit it out,i immediately remembered i told myself  i would do it,lo and behold,i kept doing it daily,in that same week i became used to it,it was no longer as bitter as it used to be,my taste buds had adjusted .

Why was i able to achieve it?The response is simple,i achieved it because i prepared my mind.


See it as a project not a chore,see it as something that has to be achieved by every means possible!


It is a new life style you are trying to imbibe so be very conscious in this new light .


Always have some vegetables at home ,be deliberate,some people have a wrong notion that eating vegetables daily in Nigeria is expensive,it is absolutely not;it is when one starts buying foreign vegetables that it becomes expensive ie.radish,aubergine,cauliflower etc if you buy home grown vegetables like cucumbers,carrots,cabbages,green peppers etc they are a lot cheaper,with 200 naira you can buy carrots and cucumber,so you see it is not expensive.


Infusing vegetables into our meals has numerous health benefits to the body,healthy skin for women who love glowing skin and men generally,healthy hair ,longevity,healthy body generally,it is so important and can not be over emphasized.

I hope you enjoyed this article and would put these points into practice,thank you very much for reading.