This dish right here can be enjoyed as a snack or even as a meal

It is dependent on choice and preference,it also has a lot of nutrients and health benefits.

In Port Harcourt (Rivers State,Nigeria)where i grew up it is called a mouth organ😂😂😂obviously cause of the shape and how it is held with the hand like a flute,really amazing!

The recipe is very straight forward,no long story for night church only night vigil🤣🤣now let’s get cooking.


Corn :3

Coconut 1/4 of a small sized coconut or as desired.


Salt (Optional)

Water :About 6 Cups


Step 1:Remove the husk from the corn,rinse in clean water

Step 2:Put 4 cups of  water in a pot,add the rinsed cobs of corn,boil for 20 minutes add some salt if using,boil for 5 minutes more or till soft to your desired softness.

Step 3:Rinse pears in clean water,boil 2 cups of water,when hot pour into a bowl that can trap heat,put the rinsed pears in into it,cover and leave for 3 minutes,bring them out after 3 minutes so they do not over cook.

Step 4:Break coconut ,scoop out from the shell with a knife(be careful so you do not get injured)cut into bits or your desired shape,rinse .

Your meal is ready ,serve in a plate with your pears and coconut as pictured above,enjoy!

Please note that some people like it with groundnuts,some use just pear,whilst some use coconut,some combine everything so the choice is actually yours to decide how you would like to eat it,

Please share your thoughts how do you eat yours?What is your preference?