Epiti is a meal enjoyed by the good people people of Rivers State and some South Eastern States of Nigeria(The Igbos call it Ukpo Ogede)

It is made with Ripe/over ripe plantains and corn flour,(the principal ingredients)it is really nice and sweet,i call it Moin Moin’s female cousin lol, enough of the description ,let’s get cooking.


Soft plantains (6)
Fish (Optional)
Pepper (5)Or more depending on your tolerance level

Some Crayfish
Cornflour -220 grams
Palm oil (1 full cooking spoon)
Crayfish – A handful
A cup of water

Seasoning of choice
Some salt
MODE OF PREPARATION (1)Wash and peel plantains, put
into a blender.
(2)Wash peppers, onion, put into the blender,add crayfish ,reserve 1 pepper to be chopped and put later into the epiti mixture. (3)Put 4 peppers, onion, crayfish into the blender, blend all together with the plantains.
(4)Pour the epiti mixture into a bowl, add the palmoil, stir, add the cornflour, stir, add some water, add seasoning stir, taste it, add some more salt if needed.
(5)Add the chopped pepper (Optional)
Wrap in leaves and cook for 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in one wrap comes out clean without very moist or wet particles.

(6)Put in a plate ,garnish as desired;serve with any drink or cereal of choice,enjoy!