This is Nature’s gift to mankind, it has a lot of cleansing properties,it is very bitter but highly effective .

1.It cleanses the body.

2. It boosts immunity .

3.It stabilizes blood sugar level .

4. It is ideal for weight loss

5. It promotes healing for fresh wounds

6. It relieves abdominal pains.

7. It fights insomnia,calms the body and relaxes the nerves .



Credit : Google

However despite all its benefits do not take more than 2 glasses at a go!

You could also extract the juice and drink if you do not want to chew the leaves .

I extract the juice and also chew the leaves .

You could also make soup with the leaves and eat with any form of swallow depending on your choice , it would be nice to include this beneficial plant to your diet.

Remember moderation is key !